Eating Solidly

So yesterday Kazuo passed the five months mark  and he is daily adding new skills or we are discovering entertaining little facets of his personality.

The most recent development, initiated by his parents, has been the introduction of solids.  Well… mush really… real solid food is sometime off.

So we started on Sunday evening, but the poor wee pop was too tired to really engage, and – as predicted – only managed a tiny fraction of the tablespoon of organic baby rice we started him with.  But by today he was gobbling it down three times a day, getting excited when he saw the little pots I have been preparing it in, and crying when it transpired that it was all gone!

Here is breakfast at ours today:

Rice for BreakfastNana Joan in New Zealand sent some lovely robust homemade bibs last week that she has been making for babies almost every month since I was a teenager… finally they come in use for a real-life grand child!  And they arrived not a moment too soon.

Tonight I brewed up some mushy carrot for introducing into the diet tomorrow.  I have Annabel Karmel’s Superfoods for Babies and Children and Lizzie Vann’s Organic Baby and Toddler Cookbook to help inspire my home made mush making.  But the real guide is from the Doctor, as per usual in this overly medicalised country… and I am using their one new food every five days guideline, esp since Dada is extremely allergic to so many foods that we cannot be too careful with Kaz… but hopefully he will have inherited my robust constitution and his father’s un-fussy approach to food.  Here’s hoping!

Anyway, it is lovely to be getting into eating for Kaz as he seems, in his new ‘I am a real person’ kinda way, to really want to imitate so many things we do… and I get in real trouble now if  I put anything to my lips when he is not eating… sigh, but then, this might be good for my calorie intake!


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