Culmination of Craft Week

The sewing machine and all my craft materials have been taking over the dining room all week, so I thought I better get finished up for a few days so we can clear the clutter.  Also, the holiday weekend has turned into a washout of St Louis-style monsoony thunderstorms, so indoors activities were the order of the day.  Since my Monday post, I managed to complete these little trousers for Kazuo made out of an old t-shirt from the Goodwill:Upcycled Trousers

I made this little proto-type shoulder bag for a friend’s birthday:

Heart Bag

And this triptych for our dining room, using some organic motifs I have been mulling about for a while:


Here they are hanging on our big bare dining room wall:

Dining Room

And although I didn’t have to do much (or spend any money, thanks to a Walgreen’s voucher for free digital photos), I did make up this photo mobile that the Moulin Lab sent us for Kazuo, it was great to gather up photos of family and friends for him to gaze at when he is lying about in the crib:


Here he is getting acquainted with everyone, (I got some wire to string it up above his bed as there was no way we could screw into the ghastly plaster ceiling) it’s a little distracting for bedtime, so it is handy that I can just pull the mobile out of sight towards the window:

Pop and Mobile

A satisfyingly creative week, but I have loads more projects swirling about in my head, so I guess it won’t be long before the dining room is overcrowded with crafty scraps again!


2 thoughts on “Culmination of Craft Week

  1. arargh yes my dining table is covered in sewing CRAP… luckily the children have a separate table in the kitchen but I suspect Justin is a bit sick of a) the noise and b) the mess: this morning he suggested we purchase a pull down attic stair and convert the attic into a summertime craft room for me – EXCITING!!!!!! my efforts this week have included 2 skirts which took about 4 lots of unpicking zips til I found my machine zipper foot. I might be game to wear one of the skirts tomorrow if I can fix up the flarey seams tonight… so that means another night of no dining table ….

    1. Lovely for you to have a sewing room! My mother had various arrangements, lovingly crafted by my Dad when we were younger, including a nifty little alcove in the dining room that was curtained off when not in use but had loads of space for us all to use sewing machine and overlocker at any time… such luxury! Look fwd to some pics of the skirts. Haven’t sewed for myself for years, except for a skirt when preggo that really didn’t work out too well, I am not good at gauging my own dimensions!

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