London Town

Earlier this month, we ventured south to visit the grandparents and take in some of the sights and sounds of London.  This was our first trip the the capital since returning to the UK in 2010, and the first time Kaz would remember his adventures.  Not unsurprisingly, it was so much easier to spend time in London with a three year old than a one year old, and we had a fab outing.  

Most of our visit was spent in the Museum quarter – in fact we could have stayed there 24/7 and K would have been a very happy boy!

Dinosaurs, rockets, spacemen, machines, volcanoes – the stuff of little boy’s dreamworlds.

We are heading back there in the summer for the Olympics and Kaz is very much looking forward to this trip.  Hopefully we will have more to report and many more outdoor images from our next foray south.


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