Springing Again

Lately I have been making a habit of taking an  early morning stroll over the hill to the nearest town and this little fellow often kept me company on my way through the woods:

Since then, we have spent more and more time outdoors as the chill that had settled over the winter began to dissipate so we broke out the garlic bulbs and began our first garden in the new house.  It was lovely to show the wee guy how to start off the garlic plants and so we look forward to helping him see them pop out of the ground in the summer.

As hoped last month, the weather has started to improve, and we  have spent some lovely afternoons running on the beach…

and having our first outdoor picnic on the Loch…

Mother’s day necessitated a raspberry tea cake…

…and a picnic on the patio – albeit Scottish-style with sunglasses and coats!

Unseasonable springy sunniness.


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