Spring is Springing

It’s still pretty cool and the woods pretty ‘stick-y’ here in the northern kingdom.  But hope of new life and springy loveliness has begun to burst forth.  Locally, we have recently discovered the delightful Cambo estate that specialises in the cultivation of snowdrops.  The past few weeks they have been in profusion – there are little clusters just outside our gate that the wee one exclaims gleefully about each time we pass them.   So on the weekend past, we finally got to take a stroll in the magical wonderland of Cambo gardens.

I love the delicate tenacity of snowdrops – and they put on a charming show in the moist morning.

The snowdrop walk ambles down to the sea – and so Kazuo was in his element, flowers AND seaside in one outing – perfect!

I am also totally taken by the tiny perfection of the minature irises that are popping up everywhere.  In our neighbourhood in St Louis there were several large beds of standard sized irises that bloomed in early summer that I loved.  But these wee treasures are bursting forth now and come in so many nuanced shades of blue.

Yesterday was another sick day at our house – the wee guy has been ill with something or other for about 6 weeks now, and consequently no-one has done a full week of work or nursery since I began at the university three weeks ago.  It has been tough…but he is still able to make a little trek to the gate even with the direst of lurgies.  So we were both delighted to discover this teeny clump of snowdrops halfway down the drive on our wander yesterday.  Spring, you are VERY welcome!


58 thoughts on “Spring is Springing

    1. I get most of my energy in the springtime. It’s like I get re-energized and all the New Years Resolutions I make good on the resolutions I made January 1st. It’s going to be almost 50 degrees today and I have a whole list of things to do. Top of the list is going for a walk to see Spring’s beauty.

  1. Great post and lovely pictures you got here. Oh the change the ‘little members’ of the family bring along for their mummy. Do have a lovely time this spring! 🙂

  2. a delightful post. I too love the snowdrops. being a displaced (misplaced) Saffa I love spring in the UK (London). it is a joy to watch the spring flowers emerge, snowdrops, crocuses, daffodils, tulips, bluebells and many more. my favourite season!
    Wish the little one better soon. enjoy the season.

  3. The snowdrops are beautiful, they are starting to spring up in our village in Italy as well, but I really love those tiny irises – they are amazing. I hope the wee person is better soon.

  4. I can almost feel and smell the air there, looking at those images. Thank you for the fresh breathe of spring beginnings.

    Hope your little one feels better soon. Maybe those little outings in the clean air will help. Enjoy your walks!

  5. Those flowers are beautiful! And I am jealous because here in New England we’re not going to have flowers for quite a long while yet. kid is adorable too.

  6. Thank you for having some photos of “outside” for those of us in the City! Have a greta Spring!

  7. It’s nice to see a picture of spring and Snowdrops. It’s still 26 degrees in Rhode Island… this post makes me hopeful for the warmer weather!

  8. I cannot wait until beautiful little flowers start peeking up around here! I love spring and it can never come quite soon enough. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful pictures. Your “wee one” is precious!

  9. Thanks for sharing your pics of those beautiful flowers. We don’t get them in our part of the world though every other flower does grow here.

  10. Nice post & congratulations on getting FP. Here in Australia we’re heading into Autumn (which is probably my favourite season now). In the north you have the cold weather for most of the year and I remember (having grown up in London, England) that Spring was my favourite because of the anticipation of that warm / hot weather just around the corner. The summers down under are just way too hot so now I love autumn for the same kind of reason.

  11. You may like this

    I met the spring this morning,while going for a walk
    I sensed that she was busy and had no time to talk

    Within her arms a bundle of plants and shoots and seeds
    Adorned her neck with snowdrops she wore like flower beads
    Her dress was sewn from crocuses,a fragrant scented gown.
    And on her head were bluebells, she’d placed there like a crown.
    And as I made to pass her,into her arms was drawn
    And from her warm and lightest touch now winters almost gone….love Eliza

  12. I love the seasons. I would hate to live in a place where the seasons seems to meld in to each other. In the UK, there is a slow transition from one to another, and Spring is best of all. You can smell the summer coming. Thanks

  13. Gorgeous photos! The emergence of spring always fills me with hope and energy! I live just a few blocks from the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, and in the Springtime I try and visit weekly so that I can see all of the life coming forth from the flower beds. And snow drops are always a highlight of the springtime show. Thanks for your post.

  14. I wish I could say it’s spring now, but apparently it is not spring yet here. It’s still like -20 recently so hanging around outside is not a good idea yet.
    I love your picture about the flowers and the seaside. The water is clear and the flower shows spring is coming, at least in your area.
    Anyway, the only thing that can cheer me up is the homemade spicy stews. Maybe you can make your family a salad to welcome spring? Check this recipe out:
    I’m longing for spring…

  15. Enjoyed your post and pictures. Your little one is adorable. I am sooo ready for spring! I noticed my first snowdrop yesterday and my crocuses are beginning to come up so there is hope. Enjoy your day!

  16. Those photos make me to want to return to my childhood in Russia. The long walks in the nature – you can’t even imagine how it is impressive to the kid!
    The snowdrops usually came with my birthday, and today is my birthday (I’m 27) – so those photos are kind of a nostalgic coincidence.

  17. Beautiful photos and sweet story of the little one…. I was a little surprised by your mention of him having “the direst of lurgies”, and then noticed that you’re a Kiwi. I wonder how the locals have taken to the lingo of Godzone???

    Your writing punctuates your images beautifully!

  18. Ahhggghh, that means summer will be moving along down under (still in high 20’s today though)!! Loved the snowdrops though!! X X X

  19. In Greece spring does not look like this, we had a rainy weekend and it looks like things will get snowy the next days, even in the heart of Athens…

  20. I work in a flower shop, and it’s really exciting seeing all the new spring flowers coming in. Your iris picture is stunning – it really is amazing all the different shades and hues found in nature. Before I started my job, I didn’t know there was anything other than the standard blue iris with a shock of yellow! Great photos!

  21. I can’t wait till spring gets here I say that every day. I love the birds chirping in the morning and the beautiful flowers. Everything is just so great about spring. Please get here soon!

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