It has been a strange week in the world it seems.  Yesterday I had the somewhat surreal experience of looking after my little corner of the department while everyone else worked down the street as stewards for the visit of these two:

It was a big day for my new department – many of whom had been responsible for the smooth organisation of this hurried but much lauded visit.  And it will generate a lot of work for us in the coming months.  Since I was within cooee, but unable to see any of the proceedings, I watched live on the BBC website – and spent most of the morning really seeing what was happening in Libya – understandably MUCH more momentous.  The Middle East may never be the same after all the upheavals happening in that part of the world.  It is as if the fabric of the cosmos is coming a little undone daily… And such a huge loss of life…

Then of course there has been the utterly devastating tragedy that is unfolding in my homeland.  Poor poor Christchurch.  Like most Kiwis, we all know someone, or have connections with someone in Christchurch.  It was a few days until I was certain that none of my relatives were trapped or missing – for that we are all grateful.  Though picking up the fabric of their lives will be slow and costly and in the intervening period, painful and frightening at times.

I was also relived to hear from one dear friend, based in Cambridge, who was back in NZ on maternity leave with her young son and husband.  Thankfully they emerged unscathed from the Christchurch Arts Centre that afternoon – though how they did so is still a matter of some huge relief for them I am sure.

There are many online efforts to help the people of Christchurch…if you get a chance, here are a few I have come across that I am keen to support:



It has been a week of massive upheaval in many places…I hope you are safe and untroubled…but my thoughts are with those who are not…may peace reign again soon, wherever you find yourself.


One thought on “Upheavals

  1. Cantabrians think they are alone but the whole of NZ is suffering as we are drawn to the live broadcasts day in and day out. A huge gloom has settled on our country from one end to the other – and we delight in the little joys of finding someone alive! We can only pray for them as we sit and watch in horror. This could happen to any one of us. Nelson is affected by a huge influx of Chch people needing some peace, and in sending myriads of boxes of supplies south. There are endless ways to give and people are giving! Hard being miles away Fi I am sure. Thinking of you guys too!

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