Credit to our lovely friend Denise almost ENTIRELY for this crafty activity.  She provided the inspiration (though I can’t for the life of me find the link she originally sent) and modeled it in her own kitchen and as a gift for a wee friend of ours last year.  Then she also left me with the chalkboard paint and the frame…so nothing much about this is mine, except the execution.

One day, when we have finally settled into our own place, I vow to paint a wall in the kitchen with communication/creative-friendly chalkboard paint:

Until then, framing some boards to tote about with us will have to suffice.  So I got the helpful guy at Home Depot to cut some particle board to size, sprayed it with chalkboard paint, painted the old frame Denise had left with semi-gloss black paint and tacked the particle board to the frame with tiny 1/2in nails.  I fixed a couple of grips to the back of the frame, put two picture hangers on the wall and hey presto:

I think that rollon/brushed on chalkboard paint may have provided a more robust surface.  So I am keen to repeat the process again sometime soon and perfect the outcome.  It’s in the dining room, so we will use it  for menus…welcoming gestures for friends…other hospitable activities I am sure.  But for now, it is great for entertaining Kaz with images of his favourite animals – for now a Meeya will do!


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