No no no (rubbish)!

Rubbish bins, being a potential source of all things yucky, have been on the banned agenda since the little guy got a move on.  Strangely, they seem to hold an unusual fascination for him.  We’ve said ‘no’ so many times.  Now, in his increasingly verbal state, rubbish bins are called ‘Nonono’s.  We see them everywhere in our neighbourhood on Tuesday afternoons as people prepare for the collection the next morning.  Which results in a tirade of ‘no no no no…..’ as we walk down the street.

I have had to hide our kitchen bin under the table so that he can’t fish around in it every time he enters the room…but the scallywag still manages to sneak into it when I let my guard down.

He spots them in any guise (and there are many and varied) in parks, playgrounds and public spaces. And he makes a bee-line for them.

He also points out litter wherever we go, it too is called ‘Nonono’ and he has an almost equal fascination with the stuff.

But lately, I have noticed that he is becoming rather civic minded about all this rubbish.  He pounces on rubbish, scoops it up and bustles over to the nearest bin to gleefully dispose of his treasure.  Then he begs to be lifted up so he can see the contents of the bin, and the items he has carefully deposited.

I hope that this housekeeping behaviour bodes well for a future of tidiness, and civic responsibility rather than a lifetime of refuse collection!


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