Father’s Day Fiesta

What better way to celebrate Father’s Day than in the middle of a fiesta of football?  In our house, World Cup year is a major cause for celebration…indeed, all other activities virtually shut down for a month.   I was a little disbelieving in 2006 when Akira declared he would watch all 64 games, but that is indeed his commitment to enjoyment and appreciation of the beautiful game.

And this year, so with many teams to support between us by virtue of our multiple citizenships (Japan, England, USA, New Zealand) there has been something of interest for all.

Father’s Day began then, with French Toast, berries and Maple Syrup (a hit with the wee guy, who thought it was cake!) while we watched Slovakia v Paraguay.  I set off for Kaufmann Park to satisfy Kazuo’s playground fixation at 8.30am with instructions for Akira to stop anyone scoring any goals until I came home.  He called as we were walking back to apologise for not being able to stop the goal…and I said (convinced that NZ would have been subject to a bit of a battering against world champs, Italy) ‘Not to worry, it was to be expected…’  So it was a tense hour or so at our house while we watched the astounding All Whites more than hold their own defensively and emerge with a draw.  A great start to the day.

Here is Kaz, somewhat oblivious to the tension bulding around him:

And then dances of jubilation after the game:

During  naptime, Father went and stood in a fiercely hot queue at Pappy’s Smokehouse to get himself a Father’s Day Fix of Memphis-style BBQ Ribs – another hit with the wee guy who was ravenous after his nap and chomped down on the melt-in-the mouth pork.  (I think the sauce was the real attraction!)

And we rounded off the day at Heman Park pool for a swim with Luca and his folks…and then a picnic in the steamy heat (did I mention it is HOT here – record temps for June, soaring into the 100’s for a few days now, poor aircon unit!) at Shaw Park.  It was warm enough for Kazuo to finally discover that he liked the pool after all.  No photos of this outing, since it was all hands on deck to avoid the tears of the previous trip – but a good time was had by all.

Fathers are indeed critical family members.  I miss mine deeply…and am so grateful that Kazuo has the luxury of a wise, thoughtful, hands-on, silly, lively, adventurous, resourceful, kind, active, responsible, emotive, exuberant, talented…(I would love to go on…I am sure you are getting a picture here)…Father who loves him dearly and who deserved every bit of joy that came his way yesterday…and then some!


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