Unexplored Regions of the Park

Summer is with us.  We are getting out and about as much as possible.  The wee guy says ‘lurdle lurdle pop?’ when he wakes up most mornings – Kaz-code for playground (derived from saying ‘pop’ when he pops off the end of the slide) and we are getting to at least one, usually two different parks every day.  Bliss.

This past weekend was HOT.  But it was still well worth sunblock-ing up and getting out.  On Sunday, after a failed attempt (thwarted by a three hour nap!) to meet our friends for a dog walk in Queeny Park out west, we took to the unchartered north eastern corner of Forest Park.  And it was beautiful.

The little guy took a stroll in the long grass.

The steam-punk fountain offered further diversion and some great rainbow effects.

We found some gnarly, nobbly tree roots at the water’s edge.

We played peek-a-boo around the trees.

And all this within coo-ee of the city.

Forest Park, you are beautiful.  We will miss you.


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