Another week of ghastly gastric flu at our house.  Thankfully (and I am holding my breath as I type this) Akira seems to have emerged unscathed.  Which was a mercy since I was so ill for four days solid and am only just recovering today.  Kazuo seems to also be on the mend, a little quicker than last time, which is also good.  So we can breathe again, and re-enter society.  Another one of those ‘I didn’t sign up for this’ kinda things that happens when you embark on the road to parenthood.  They seem rather frequent and random, and yet so common that they are part of the territory – just a part that you never anticipate in the rosy glow of anticipating all the joys of family life.

I’ll freely admit I hate being ill.  I am not too good at it, I get pretty miserable and spend the whole time wishing to be getting on with things while my poor body is actively rebelling against whatever has taken hold.  And I hate that ‘will I ever feel well again?’ feeling that seems to seep through me at the lowest ebb.  So it was with considerable relief that I awoke feeling only residual nigglyness this morning.  Pretty much back to normal.  Whew!

So we can venture out.  It is March. Madness…where has this year gotten to?  It has been cold, I can say that.  So I guess most of it has been spent indoors.  I am looking forward to a weekend of walks in the park/zoo and catching up with friends.

This is where I would like to be today:


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