Ok… so I am blogging daily this month, and as the month draws to a close, I find myself becoming a even more banal than usual – sorry.

But I am a looking forward to coffee this afternoon with the girls.  After months of holding the fort on the weekends while Akira bikes all over, it is finally my turn to pop out when the pop is asleep.  Hope I make it… have a feeling of general malaise come over me, and toothache, and just really tired from a week of more than usual sleep disruption (oh those baby milestones).

I am a bit of a coffee lover… and us Antipodeans have a fussy approach to coffee, artisanal foam and a perfect crema is something most baristas in NZ can achieve.  Here, well, it seems a little elusive.  So Kaldis in De Mun (or more latterly, since our move into the neighbourhood, Clayton) are really the only local roasters who get my wholehearted thumbs up.  You can always rely on their baristas to turn out a beautifully presented, perfectly balanced cup.

But trendy Alterrain WI send their tasty beans to Kayaks near the university campus.  Kayaks is a faux-rustic cafe that is always warm and toasty and full of students and serves fab food.  It also makes a reliably strong cup of coffee, and although I always wish it looked better, at least I know it will taste pretty good… and it is a step or two up from the ghastly, ubiquitous Starbucks.  And since some of the gals are grad students with work up to their ears… a campus-based date is best.

So here is to Kaldi, the little guy who decided (according to myth) that coffee would be good to ingest – for which I am very grateful… a coffee date makes my day!


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