Where Did Today Go?

It began strangely, with our car being trapped in the garage because the door opener had bust a spring overnight (in fact we heard it, and wondered what that loud bang was – weird!).  We had to wait for the landlord to come and help Akira heft it open and hold it up while I drove out and parked on the street.  Then we had to wait a couple of hours for Kazuo to wake up so I could drive Akira to work – the weather has been foul this week.

It has been lost in a mire of good intentions.  I was quite organised before baby-bedtime.  Since then, I have frittered away the time reading briefings for the lobbying meeting we are having with our local senator on Friday to present Amnesty’s position on the Guantanamo closure, Immigrant Detention legislation and the CEDAW treaty for the rights of women.  I feel a little under-prepared still.

There are a few things I have done  – made another Christmas present, cooked dinner (as per usual), did the grocery shopping at no less than three grocery stores, prepped some nibbles for tomorrow night’s Art Auction…  But mainly, I have spent the day on the floor with Kazuo.  He is getting quite interactive, in many ways… not least this bid for mobility.  Today seemed a little momentous.  He is now pulling up at any opportunity (though still needing a little help if he tries to pull up on something higher than my knees) and makes a beeline for the coffee table and the pile of board books.  He also managed to push himself into sitting from his belly, several times… and he’s spending loads of time on his knees… which weren’t really in play a few days ago.  So although it makes him a little more demanding, I am really excited for him… and just hope that the frustration factor is diminished soon. I’m grateful that I have been able to just relax today and spend time with him as he finds his feet. Though the disruption to his sleep that all this hard work is bringing means I should go to bed, pronto!




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