After doing all the post-bedtime chores tonight I only had about a 20min concentration span as it seems that this whole mobility thing has caused Kazuo to revert to his 3month old sleeping habits. This too will pass, and he still sleeps a good deal, but seems to wake more often.  Sigh… am getting a little weary!

But it is always nice to try and do something relaxing in the evenings, since we get the pop to bed nice and early.   Since we are Sir David Attenborough fans in our house, then half an hour of The Blue Planet

on Open Oceans was the very best thing to do. We watched it online from Netflix and it was such a great pick-me-up.  The world beneath the sea is just breath taking, and it is incredible how little of it we have explored.  But if anyone is going to know anything about this world, it is Sir David.  His crew are incredibly dedicated and some of the footage of tiny fish in schools being obliterated by much bigger fish is so impeccably filmed and edited.  I was so grateful I made the effort to sit down and be inspired.


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