It took us several months to get life into enough of a rhythm that we didn’t get to the end of each day and just fall exhaustedly into bed.  But once we had reached that happy place, it was obvious that we needed to reintroduce the joy of film into our lives.  We had dispensed with the telly… so what better way to spend our lovely evenings than by watching film?  So we signed up for Netflix and it has revived our quiet evenings.

One big change though… I cannot sit through a whole film anymore – so your standard 90min feature has become like a short series, and anything over two hours is like a soap opera – where we choose the cliff hangers based on whether or not I can prop my eyelids open.  But at least we are getting there, and by the end of most weekends we have watched at least one new film… we are slowly plowing through our carefully crafted list of desirable films (Akira has devoted happy hours to rating the hundreds of films he has seen) and I may even find time to give you some reviews in future.

In the meantime, it has been a long old week, I am grateful to have made it to the end – but tonight my eyes will not stay open past 10.30pm – so we have begun watching the very enlightening and engaging Persepolis… hoping to catch the end of it tomorrow night.



One thought on “Film

  1. Oh I just watched this one two months ago and actually really enjoyed it. I thought it was a nice little afternoon movie.

    OH and hi! Thanks for commenting on my blog post regarding the girls. I’ve been on the lookout for more folks to add to my google reader — so consider your audience base a little bigger. 🙂

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