Out and About in the Sun

This morning, the sun streamed through our windows, the baby woke at dawn, it was cool and crisp outside, and this is how the neighbourhood was looking:

Sunny Morning

We busied about getting ready to enjoy the day… coffee, cereal, showers, rugging up for the cool outdoors… and then Akira biked off to work. Kazuo and I walked up the hill to Companion Bakery, St Louis artisanal bread makers who also do a good morning coffee.



En route, Akira called to say he had come off his bike due to some slippy leaves near the campus, but was OK, a bit battered (and so maybe is the bike… eeek) but otherwise in shape still… you just don’t think of leaves as being treacherous, but I guess biking is always a bit of a precarious activity, even while it is also one of the best ways of getting around… sigh.

Kaz had a little nap while I sipped my coffee and began reading some of the essays on memory in an anthology edited by AS Byatt, then he woke up and joined me at the table for some little cereal snacks:

At Companion

Then we ventured to the supermarket across the road for some celery and red lentils before strolling home in the sunshine… The wee guy spent an hour or two happily playing in the sunny living room before his lunchtime nap.

Playing with Monkey

And so I have a few moments in the sun to muse on how thankful I am… for sunny mild weather that ALWAYS boosts my spirits, for an intact husband and the relief of a narrow-miss accident, for a sleeping baby – both in the stroller this morning and now over lunch, for tasty bulghur chilli bubbling on the stove and for the prospect of a peaceful afternoon in the sun.  Grateful still…



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