Autumnal Weekends

This past month was an explosion of glorious colour in our neighbourhood and across St Louis.  As I sit and reflect on the busy weekends we had over the past few weeks, I am thankful for the way that trees are such a dramatic part of the landscape here in the Lou.  We have ventured out many times with Kazuo in the stroller to walk through the leaves and survey our neighbourhood.

Walk Ak

Here a recent scene as the trees turn…

Autumn Trees

And another – they grow so tall and are so grand…

Autumn Trees 2

And on the way home one recent afternoon, we spied this beautiful big fungus on the lawn…


Here are Kazuo and I one afternoon as we head home from a foray to seek out a coffee…

Walk Fi

One strange phenomenon in our neighbourhood are these odd little harvest displays that appeared outside one of the blocks of condos.  People do tend to adorn their houses with festive decor in ways that are unheard of where I come from… dry corn sheaths, pumpkins, gourds, chrysanthemums and lashings of hay… it is colourful, but seems a bit of a frivolous and wanton thing to do, esp with the pumpkins… I was also a little puzzled by the randomness of the displays around these condos.  But it does lend the area a festive air, and I am all for a little ceremony if it cheers everyone up (and doesn’t involve plastic!).

Harvest Display




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