Walking the ‘Hood

Setting Out

This week we received our new Phil & Ted’s Metro Backpack in the post (well, not the new model we had ordered, but that is another story)… just in time.  Kazuo has been rapidly expanding and so our evening walks around the neighbourhood in the witching hour between dinner and bedtime had been rather a strain on Akira’s back as he was still carrying Kaz in a frontpack.  Last night, like any other night, we set off with the wee man sitting up high in his seat looking quite relaxed about everything.   Our new neighbourhood is great for walking, lots of quiet streets and plenty of parks and places to stop off and enjoy the greenery.  En route last night Kazuo and Akira enjoyed a swing, and this time Kaz had enough equilibrium to crack a smile, though sadly, not for the camera.


We were heading for the new Discovery Garden at the local Environment Centre.  This weekend was the opening of this new garden that has been developed to encourage local schools to make planting for children interactive and fun.  There is a teepee of gourds and beans, a little house that is growing watermelons in bamboo and string supports and a house of sunflowers along with a myriad of other tasty veges that kids would love to taste.  It is all watered through a nifty drainage channel that begins at this entrance way and loops past all the main growing beds.  We have been watching the progress of this clever garden over the summer and I am inspired to try some similar projects next year with Kazuo if we manage to secure a community garden plot.

Discovery Garden

The walk got a bit much for our lad at this stage, it had been a long day.  But it was a real test of the backpack when he fell asleep and managed to snooze on comfortably in his seat, and his head was so well supported by the padded straps that hold him in place.  We are really looking forward to hitting the trails with Kaz comfy in the backpack. Way to go Phil & Ted… another coup for Kiwi Ingenuity!!



2 thoughts on “Walking the ‘Hood

    1. Yes, that is really why we bought it, the lightest on the market… but even that is too heavy for me and my (potentially) torn left rotator cap muscle that really precludes me lifting anything… and makes lifting Kaz all day chronic agony, so it is backpack only when Dada is on duty for us!

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