Aranzi Aronzo

In June our friends Tom and Claire in Manchester sent us (via our visiting friend, Caroline) a wonderful crafty book by Aranzi Aronzo, who are a quirky Japanese/Mexican/Norwegian/Vietnamese/Indian design team.  The book, Baby Stuff:


has been tantalising me and inspiring me ever since, and I finally got my act in to gear this week and tried out some of their ideas.  Now, I am no embroidery expert… in fact I pretty much suck at embroidery, I don’t have the patience, delicacy or temperament for such fine work.  It was always my younger sister who had out the needlework when we were growing up, and she has done some beautiful cross stitch.  But I have given up on almost anything I have ever tried to embroider, except these very easy and cutesy bees I did on Kazuo’s newborn onesies, from the amazing Sublime Stitching:

Sublime Bee

My plan then, was to keep it simple.  I have been writing a journal for Kazuo since I found out I was pregnant last year, and as it is nearly full, it was time for a cover.  I tried… I hand-sewed some of their silhouette appliques, but some cutesy little critters and a moon and star were all I could manage, and I am not at all impressed with my finished product.  However, I do think it is in the spirit of Aranzi Aronzo, who say “Don’t worry too much about making it pretty or perfect.  The most important thing is to think of baby and make something from the heart!”  Here is my little book, from the heart:

Baby Book

The next project from Baby Stuff should be more in my sewing-skill-set… there are so many wonderful ideas, wish there were more materials, and more free hours in the day!!


One thought on “Aranzi Aronzo

  1. This is adorable and very inspiring….I never thought I would get into sewing/needle work but lately I’ve been getting excited to add something to my skill-set. Really–this is too cute!

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