Three Months New

This week we celebrate our little Mei-bug’s first three months with us – no longer a newborn anymore! We have had a lovely time getting to know her and letting her settle into herself. Autumn’s shortening days allowed us plenty of cosy quiet times to savour the snuggly delights of a new person who really did just want to be held for most of the first weeks.


In the past few months we have done school holiday craftiness…


…had a lovely visit from Grandma, Grandpa and Uncle Kenji and a wonderful fleeting visit from Great Aunt Mary…


…celebrated Halloween…


…including the wee guy’s first school Halloween disco…


…had lots of early morning snuggles with the new girl…


…gave big brother cuddles…


…attended several birthday parties and had some great animal encounters…


…discovered how to giggle together…


…got cosy for the Arctic blast of Winter…


…mastered the joy of battering at toys on the bouncy seat…


…and became more completely family. A wonderful first three months – I am already getting excited about all the new things to come in the next three!


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