Another Long Silence

The past months have really silenced me more than usual.  Let’s face it, since I began to work everywhere…and thus to really use this space to reflect on how we filled the interstices of our abundant yet somewhat overfilled life and to keep those of our widely dispersed family and friends even a tiny bit connected with our activities…I have been erratic and mostly silent anyway.  However, it is with fairly good reason this time…I’ve been incubating again.  It has taken a bit of getting used to, and I have been rather exhausted by the whole experience.  But it seems that the little pre-person is taking shape slowly, and I am well into that supposedly more lively second trimester.  So this is the latest excuse for my silence, and will probably inform future musings.  We are slowly getting excited and the little guy seems rather relieved that he is not going to have to carry on being the only kid around here!

Construction has begun


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