Autumnal Delights

What have we been up to since August?  Let me see…

  • The doctor went to Australia for a month – we missed him dreadfully, but were very glad of modern technology to keep track of him
  • I got a new job while he was away – which meant doing two jobs (sort of) for a few months
  • He returned to his first semester of teaching a new course  – which has been rather hectic
  • A close family member passed away the week the doctor was due to jet off to New Orleans, so we all packed up to fly to Dublin, only to have the wee one fall prey to the dreaded winter stomach virus – so I drove him home in a storm, but the doctor then ended up in A & E for the night after an allergic reaction, so that weekend felt a rather crazy ordeal
  • But – uh, no – I got the bug when the doctor was abroad and the little one and I have been lurching from one bug to another since, I am not sure we have had a decent nights sleep in over a month

It all sounds a bit grim…I would have to say that we have seen better times.  However, all around us the world has been changing colour and it has been rather glorious.  While our weeks have been a matter of just trying to stay on top of things, our weekends have involved some lovely adventures still.  So here are some recent pics of our out and abouts – and since we have vowed to lay low for the silly season this year, we might have more time for reflection soon.  How often do I say that?  Anyways, happy Autumn friends – hope you have had some lovely autumnal afternoons too!


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