Construction Zone

Another catch up from me…a couple of weeks ago our lounge was taken over by tiny construction workers.  Kazuo has been fixated by all things building and constructing for some months now, and when it came to celebrating three years of his little life (yes, three!  A big pre schooler…) he asked for a digger party.  He also said that parties are a bit scary – but equivocated from not wanting anyone to come, to wanting everyone he knows to turn up.  We settled on the three-friends-for-three-years rule, and hopefully that will set a relaxing precedent.  On the day before his birthday we set up a few construction zones in the lounge…

…put out some adult/kid friendly antipasto, fruit kebabs and drinks…

…sang happy birthday to our boy – who blew out the candle and then swiped an oreo-cookie wheel from…

…his digger cake.  Now I am no cake decorator – as my past year’s efforts will show – so it took both the doctor and I to construct this crazy overly yellow creation…and I think the best thing about it was that you could tell it was a digger – sort of.  I think I might be able to get away with this very amateur approach to cake making for another couple of years, and then I will either have to bow out to the professionals, or revert to the olde worlde manner of just baking a cake and throwing some icing on it and not pretending to make it look like anything other than a cake!

The next day – the actual birthday – was a work/preschool day.  Kaz started preschool the week before and has LOVED the transition – we are so pleased with how much he has grown up over the past few months and how rapidly he has made himself at home in the preschool class.  He took in birthday cake to his new friends, and then we came home for favourite-bolognese-dinner,  birthday cake part II and presents from the family.

So many changes have ocurred this winter for little Kaz – he is a charming, sociable, inquiring, entertaining little person and delights us daily with his observations of both his real and imagined worlds.  Happy Three Years Kaz, we think you are fab!


3 thoughts on “Construction Zone

  1. sounds like a wonderful bday! Well done Fi and the little man!
    -Also, Akira’s Friendly’s shirt is quite fetching…!

    1. Aww, thanks Chad. And you are one of the very few who would recognise the fetching Friendly’s shirt in such dim light!

  2. That cake *totally* looks like a digger- I’m impressed! So fun and festive! Have been thinking of you esp. lately as I’m going to mimic your banner idea (I think you had up in Kaz’s bedroom) to make birthday banners for people out of scrap materials, etc. I’ll let you know how it goes 🙂

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