Finally At Home

It has been a rather lengthy hiatus of painting, re-insulating, packing, unpacking, getting a hundred colds and flus and trying to juggle the minutiae of daily life with the desire to prettify and make homely…but I can finally report that we have made ourselves well and truly At Home.  I mentioned some months back (in another long winded apology for my absence) that we were looking for a house.  After a protracted round-the-houses search, we finally settled on the very first place we looked at, in the charming village that had initally caught our eye.  So now we are slowly settling into village life.

Our Scottish village is a little unusual in that it has all the essentials of an English village.  It boasts a village green, a charming kirk, a couple of pubs, an art gallery, a pottery, an antique shop,  a village shop, a butcher, a post office, a school and – to the little one’s delight – a playground.

One thing that I am particularly glad about is the abundance of footpaths and walking routes.  A year of being somewhat stranded at the house without any way to go walkabout has taken its toll on me and I am itching to get out and about exploring.  But for now, we moved in just as the winter weather crept in and we are gathering gloom on our way to the shortest day, so exploring will have to wait a little longer…

The house was a cottage that has had a little extension done to it.  We were grateful to find a home that had room for everyone, and a garden for the chooks who have settled in happily and seem to be thriving.  The doctor even found a pond in the garden, so we should have some hoppity friends in the summer.  There are still little homely tasks to complete, but we have managed to make ourselves comfy enough to welcome one lot of visitors and now we are cosying up for Christmas.

The little one settled in pretty well, he seems to love racing down the hallway, and pottering about in his new room – ‘working’ at his ‘office’ or building towers or constructing train tracks in the lounge.  I even managed to unpack the sewing machine and cobble together a hasty Bob outfit for his first day at nursery after the move (a little more warning for next year’s Halloween costume would be handy!)

So we are at home for the holidays and hoping that new space and more organisation might just mean I pop in and out of here a little more often.  Finger’s crossed!


7 thoughts on “Finally At Home

  1. Seems like a nice house and a nice village! Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Love from us in Sweden! /Birgitta

  2. Hurray for settling in! We’ve been traveling so much for work, etc., that the idea of having to spend time “settling in” sounded so lovely! Sending mild-climate-wishes your way so you can start to explore! xoxo

    1. Hi friend, thanks for your catch-ups…will manage to reply one day soon…but hoping that 2012 brings some more settled-ness somewhere for both you and Chris…Aroha
      Fi xx

  3. So lovely to find some fresh news Fi – I check every day and was delighted to see new photos – such a cute Bob the Builder and he looks so grown up now! Great to see you are all settling in – hope it’s a kind winter and all the family make it for Christmas. Love and hugs

    1. Hi Nana…we WILL send some new photos soon, it has taken me an age to get them off the camera and onto the computer. But hopefully 2012 will have some more quiet moments for sorting out such things!

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