Chariots 2011

Two weeks ago the doctor joined a host of mainly white-clad runners in the inaugural St Andrews Chariots Race.  Based on the moving opening scenes of that memorable 80’s saga, Chariots of Fire, the race was a charity event for Sue Ryder Care.

It was our first big community event and we loved the sense of occaision on the beautiful West Sands Beach.  It started with a 1-mile kids race that drew a crowd and had some charming little competitors.  Including two tiny people who ran with their parents.  Go little teenies!

Kazuo did find the whole event a bit overwhelming – the noise, the crowds were all a bit much and he looked like this much of the morning:

But a little bit of time eating snacks in the dunes while Dada was racing seemed to bring it all into persepective. He was very happy to cheer Dada towards the finish line…

…and after making a very good time, the Doctor was also pleased to have been involved.

The event was put together in a very efficient manner and it seemed everyone had a great day.


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