On the weekend we had our friends Tom and Claire, who live in Manchester, come and stay.  The December weather was an initial deterrent to their pre-Christmas visit plans, so it was wonderful that they could finally join us.  Though of course we would love them to be able to pop in every weekend!  However, it did give us a chance to try out some long awaited treats, and to explore some now familiar haunts with friends.  And Kazuo had a lovely time with his new friends Tomandclaire.  By the end of the weekend he seemed to be able to tell them apart…though it was a little touch and go at times.

Saturday we took to the sands and tried out the new stunt kite Nana had sent Dada for Christmas.  Thank goodness for Tom.  Mama and Dada would never have gotten it off the ground alone and kept Kaz amused/alive.  It is a two-hand challenge and I think might take a long while for us to master it…but lots of laughs – and plenty of friendly competition – were derived from this chilly morning’s escapades.

For lunch we tried out Nahm Jim (famous for making it through several contests set by Gordon Ramsay.) The curries we tried were very tasty…and the service pretty slick and accommodating.

Kaz and I retired for the afternoon nap period and the others ventured out to Crail for a spot of fossil-fossicking and rock-clambering.  Seems it was a pretty happy outing…

…followed up by Anstruther Fish Bar tea, and our introduction to Carcassonne – the board game, not the town. I think it might just have to be on my latest wishlist, we got hooked!

We woke to ANOTHER dumping of snow and the fields were just right for a little morning trek.

We were back to this again for a while…

…but Tomandclaire managed to depart after lunch and got out of our frosty wonderland safely. It was wonderful to have such great company and one of the delights of being back in the UK.  You are all welcome any time!


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