I only have one of these.  So my experience cannot be considered representative.  But I am grateful for my sister.  She is kind and thoughtful and an excellent house guest.

We have just had a visit from Aunty Kelly (christened ‘Cakie’ by the wee one) whom I had not seen for over three years. [Hence my relative absence on here recently…] Most of the time she works as a pediatric nurse in Afghanistan.  Right now she is on home leave in New Zealand and was en route to Canada for a few weeks when she dropped in to see us.  Although it was a whirlwind trip, and for half of the time at least one of us was feeling a bit under the weather, it was so lovely to catch up.   She pitched in with our somewhat crazy household (getting up at 5am most days doesn’t make for a socially acceptable routine as we have discovered) and developed an easy rapport with the wee guy, who is still wondering why Cakie doesn’t come out of the bedroom at breakfast time.

We packed in 19 different favourite St Louis locations in a week’s stay.  Just our usual round of parks and playgrounds and fabulous free outings really.  So nice to have so many places to hang out with visitors.

One nice thing about moving to Scotland is that it is a little more on the radar for Aunty Kelly…so hopefully it won’t be too long before we are once again all gathered together in one spot.  In the meantime, I was so grateful for her easygoing company and some time out to share some of our tales from the intervening years.  Travel safe sister.


2 thoughts on “Sisters

  1. Hey, it’s so good to see my two girls together again!! Lovely bunch of photos Fi – interesting eggplants too – don’t get them like that here! So you are using the bottled tomatoes from Denise and no problems – that’s great. Hope the temps have dropped a bit and you all have a lovely weekend. I like the curly hair Kaz. He must be getting quite confused with strangers appearing from your bedroom eh! Love you all – Mum X X X

  2. Hi Fi. Just have a chance to read this . . . Thank you – I feel very loved. I so enjoyed the time visiting with you and sharing some of your world and life. I am very glad to be someone’s ‘Aunty Cakie’ 🙂 Three years is definitely toooo long though (and a week tooooo short!), so I hope the next gap is shorter. See you in St Andrews!!! Lots of love and hugs xxx

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