Summer Days

While our heads are largely up in the cloud of moving-to-Scotland-in-September, the rest of us is down on the ground of our last St Louis summer.  With Kazuo asking about going to the ‘park’ (yes, his words are advancing) every waking moment (even when we are at a park, or on our way home from a park…it is rather relentless), it has had to have been in the high 90’s with 90% humidity to keep us indoors.  There have been plenty of those days in the past few weeks, and even then, we have gone to the park in the early morning and after tea when the sun has waned a little.  But this week – glorious.  Temps in the 80’s and crisp dry mornings have made for a lot more outdoor fun.

Tuesday we  re-conquered the City Garden with our friends Janna and Sofia.  The wee tots tootled about the sculptures.  Sofia larked about in the fountains while Kazuo edged in then veered away from the water in his usual fashion.  It was a delightful morning of sun, water and stylish sculpture.  A place that St Louis should be justly proud of and another space we know we will miss.


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