I am the least sporty person I know.  Akira is perhaps one of the most  sports-minded people I know.  In so many ways we prove that old opposites-attract adage.

Having a child is like a weird little personal science project.  It is so interesting to try and identify which of the respective genetic imprints have prevailed as Kazuo develops.

For his sake, I hope that he has inherited the sporty genes.

This weekend passed in a flurry of sunniness, excessive pollen (poor hayfeverish husband), park outings, picnics and fitness.

Last year Akira ran the St Louis Marathon.  A gruelling and intense feat of endurance.  Perhaps a once in a lifetime event.  Kazuo and I watched from the street in our local neighbourhood as it was a grim sort of day and he was 3 mths old.

This year the sporty one ran the Half Marathon – another feat of endurance and speed (he came in at 1 hr 42mins – faster than 12 000 other people, you can see I am impressed!) and we went downtown at stupid o’clock in the sun with the lovely Julia to watch.

Here we are watching the runners flow past (thanks Julia):

We were at the half way point for the Half, and Akira was keeping so close to the pace runner that we missed him – thankfully he spotted us and did a shout out!  By the time we saw him running up to the finish he was pretty focused – but it was wonderful to be downtown and celebrating such an event.  The weather was perfect and our friends Jon and Chad came in around the same time, so it was quite festive.

After inspecting the badly blistered feet and having a much needed afternoon nap, Akira asked if I felt I would ever run such a race…hehehe…if I had such an inclination, surely it would have surfaced by now?  Not a chance.  But I am still impressed (if not a little bemused) by the achievement. Enough to hope that Kazuo will quickly find his running feet and join his Dada on the road.

Here’s to the sporty genes, and family fitness!


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