New Shoes

It is official.  I no longer have a little baby.  Our house has been invaded by a toddler!  It seemed to happen overnight, though I guess it has been a while in coming.  Yesterday, after Akira had spent the afternoon hauling a soft-baby-shoe-clad Kazuo out of the slush and dirt at the ice skating rink the day before, we finally bought Kazuo his first pair of tiny little big-boy-walking shoes:

Once he was laced up in them in the shop, he looked a little shocked.  When we stood him up to try them out, it was as if we had cut him off at the knees and encased his feet in concrete – he looked appalled, like he was wondering if he would ever do that walking thing he had just mastered ever again… Then suddenly, he realised they were his new shoes (‘choose’ he’d said earlier) and with a little delighted, squealy grin, he was off.

Here he is still pottering about last month in his Robeez slippers, which have stood him in good stead for the learning to walk process, but are now looking a little worse for wear, and will NOT do for outdoor exploring:

And here is our big boy, tottering about today in his new shoes (which he proudly pointed out to our friends last night when they came for dinner) with the balloon the shoeshop lady gave him:

All too quickly he seems to have morphed into someone who is not too keen to share his toys (ugh… hope that wears off sometime soon…terrible twos here we come already) and is not too interested in the word ‘No’, unless it is something he is saying himself…but he still has residual baby sweetness for cuddles and naptimes and he is becoming much more engaging with his babbling little ways and his cheeky little giggles.

So I guess I have discovered that as much as I am someone who really loves a good baby cuddle, I am really looking forward to (and currently enjoying) all the fun things associated with Kazuo becoming a little person – it is great fun to have a toddler in the house. I don’t seem to be mourning the end of the baby phase (as intriguing as it was) and I won’t be hankering after my baby, I will just continue to enjoy the delights of our boy!


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