A Whole Year of Family Life

This coming weekend we are finally celebrating Kazuo’s first birthday.  After eventually ridding our house of the dreaded lurgy, that lingered around far too long for my liking, we are now ready to re-enter social circulation.  I think it will really be a party for me… since I have only had three social encounters with someone other than Akira and Kazuo since New Year’s Day.  So I am feeling excited about the festivity, even if it will just be a little afternoon tea-ish affair.

For his actual birthday last week we did manage to pull out some stops and spend a very Kazuo-centered day with the wee man.  We also had some family gifts and things we had gathered together for him ourselves, so he had a happy little time with the wrapping paper.  He is still quite wary of the walking cart and tiny trike, but the Duplo is a hit with Kaz and Dada, so it gets a good airing every morning.  I put together a photo album for him as he is obsessed both with books and pictures these days, and especially of himself and Dada/Mama  (we are either at this point… usually ‘Dada’ which is shouted out any time we are out of view, so that we know we are being summoned!)

This was a total hit … and gets pigeon-cooing giggles every time.  Having reviewed his year in pictures in many forms over the past week or so, I thought the briefest summary here should suffice, esp for those of you who are really overdosed on my Kazuo-photo obsession.  So here he is at birth, three, six and nine months, and a couple of pictures from the birthday last week for good measure.  Looking over how much he has changed and grown in a year never fails to amaze me… so much re-arranging of the brain to organise all the new skills, and so much speedy development.  He makes me laugh daily and I am so grateful for having him around.  But what was I thinking to say I am not working – I LOVE this job.  It has been a wonderful year!


4 thoughts on “A Whole Year of Family Life

  1. Thanks friends. We are enjoying our little pop – and last night, at the end of a challenging day of colds, teething and vaccinations, he still managed to find the wherewithal to take his FIRST STEPS with Dada after dinner! Yayy, walking, here we go!!

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