Getting There

Where have the days gone? Our little guy has been with us for nearly 8 weeks now and it all seems to have passed in a blur. I look around me and see jobs piling up and wonder when I will ever have the energy or the time to get on with doing things that […]

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He Made It!

One week on and I can report that our new wee man is doing well. He made his entrance last Friday and has been making himself at home since. Since his arrival, it seemed that nothing about me was working anymore… though now I can see that things are starting to heal, and I am […]

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Into the New Year

Well, I am hoping to make this year one of purposeful productivity, even if it is beginning in a sort of sluggish manner. Of course there is no real accounting for the impact of another person who needs all my attention on this goal… but I think it is time to consider just what I […]

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Working a Little

OK, so it seems that even when one is not working, there is still plenty to do that makes the days fly by… was it October I started this? Not a good start. One of the groups I seemed to miss from the previous post, were those who are not working because their working life […]

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