Getting Your Heart Set

Today is one of those days when I am trying not to get too excited about the prospects of our relocation to the UK.  It was one thing not to get too worked up about the possibility of the job Akira has been offered…but now that is a done deal, there are other massive unknowns in our near future and it is hard not to hope that the universe will continue to move favourably in our direction.

It is early days yet (we won’t move until the Autumn) but we are already checking out the real estate/letting markets with almost obsessive regularity.  Last night we found another perfect little house in the tiny village of Kingsbarns and after googling more images of this little piece of Scottish heaven, I am convinced it is the place for us.  Check out some of these amazing beach shots.   Almost as good as being here:

…albeit with a cooler climate, more frigid seas, more swanky golfers and more archaic (and thus more wonderful) buildings.

Silly me.

But I am sure that wherever we finally end up…it will be such a relief to (a) be in our own space [NO shared housing this time around], (b) be in a place where we have access to free healthcare, free education and family, (c) have a fenced yard for the wee guy to run about in…that I will be happy as can be… So I am not really getting my heart set on this one place…just daydreaming for now.

Thinking of Permanence

Today we began the day discussing (and discarding) yet another potential re-location destination…the whole year is gonna be like this I think, until we finally settle on where we will be in 2011.

My hope is that it will be a place we at least intend to stay in for more than a year or two. Although we will probably not be in a position to secure a permanent home, at least we can have a sense of permanence about the location.

So I have been thinking all day of what I would like to have in our next place.

Annoyingly, I would like all the things we have here now (which will involve a huge container if we do end up doing the trans-Atlantic move we are hoping for) AND the things we have lovingly stored away in Devon, plus a few added extras…

I’ve had a few attempts at gardening with differing rates of success. This was our last attempt – which did become more lush as the summer went on, but it was on a poor patch of ground at the boarding school in York:

I will try again in some way (pots probably) this summer, but I would dearly love space and good enough soil to provide more of our summer vege consumption.

Our friend Helen has an Eglu and I got inspired yesterday reading Design Sponge’s sneak peek at Alethea Morrison’s wonderful home – and I love the pic of her son out in the yard with the chickens… this is how I want Kazuo to grow up!

Finally, although it makes me a little wary, Akira has been hankering after bees…and so I hope we have the time and the place soon to begin the road to making our own honey:

Dreams are free… but one day soon I hope we are somewhere more permanent and can begin to foster our own little oasis.  Until then, I will keep reading Storey Publishing and dreaming of a slightly more rural urban existence.