Guatemala and Massacres…

A little glum of me perhaps, but I have been musing about the unspeakable awfulness of massacres for the past week or so. Every time I hear someone tell the tale of a massacre that they have survived, I feel devastated.  And since most massacres usually involve innocents, and oftentimes are largely women and children, […]

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Tonight I am leading my first local meeting for the St Louis chapter of Amnesty International.  We are examining the use of Torture by the USA in particular, and I am presenting material that will hopefully give us a focus for action that spurs the current government onto seeking accountability for the atrocities carried out […]

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He Made It!

One week on and I can report that our new wee man is doing well. He made his entrance last Friday and has been making himself at home since. Since his arrival, it seemed that nothing about me was working anymore… though now I can see that things are starting to heal, and I am […]

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