Our Schoolboy

In January, just as he turned four, we had the slightly agonising task of deciding whether Kazuo should start school this summer, or defer until he was five and a half.  In England he would start this year as all children begin school in the academic year in which they turn five. In New Zealand […]

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Hi friends.  In the silent months since I last really told you about what we have been up to we have just been muddling through.  The lethargy of growing another person has probably made for a rather dull time for the wee guy as I have not been up to much on the weekends since […]

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Farewell to the Television

Today we say goodbye to our cable contract.  Yippee! Since I noticed Kazuo being attracted to the vivid and constantly changing images on the television, I have made a point of keeping it off whenever he is awake.  And to be honest, I don’t turn it on during his nap times anyway.  So really, the […]

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