Where I Find Myself

I long, as does every human being, to be at home wherever I find myself.
Maya Angelou

My name is Fiona, I am originally from New Zealand and I began writing here while we were living in the Midwest of the USA for two and a half years.  Without a work permit, I had plenty of time on my hands to consider how ‘working’ influences our daily lives.   So for the first couple of years this blog was known to friends as ‘not working’ – a place where I tried to gather my thoughts on what WAS working in our lives…and how ‘employment’ fed into my notions of self and the world around me.

I spent most of our first year in the USA pregnant with our first son, and then I spent a couple of years hanging out with him and slowly my sense of  identity became very much shaped by all that staying at home to parent can involve.

Prior to that I worked as a Housemistress and Drama Teacher in an Independent Girls’ Boarding School in the UK for seven years and I have also taught Secondary School English and Drama in New Zealand.  Staying at home with Kazuo was both more intense and less demanding than either of those jobs.  At least I had a little more autonomy in my day, though many other things about being at home with children can dictate the rhythms of our days.

Since we returned to the UK in late 2010, it has been a long journey towards the kind of future we hope to make as a family.  I am no longer ‘not working’ outside the home…now I am working EVERYWHERE. When I began these musings I was wondering how I might find a sense of purpose and a place to ‘be’ … The overwhelming feeling I had was that I was working hard to make us all feel at home, wherever we happened to be.  So even while I return to the paid workforce, this need to feel at home…and help my family and our critters feel at home…is perhaps the guiding narrative of our life together.

So goodbye ‘not working’… the musings are still around, but the sentiments have evolved.

Thank you, friendly reader, for coming on this journey with me…I hope you will stay with us, pull up a chair, pour a cuppa and Make Yourself At Home

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